New Stuff

Right so ive got things tell to you!

Last week i got the first prototypes of my new JOBE pro model wakeboard and vest. It was amazing, to get a board which is all mine. My style my design – my Baby! and to be honest i loved it, just had a few minor changes which are being done in the factory as we speak!!  You need to know that this shape is a totally new shape, unlike any other board in the range. I have been working very hard with the shaper in the Netherlands to make a perfect board for everyone to SHRED on! And im very excited to release it towards the end of the year!

my knee has been hurting a fair bit recently so i had jobe send my through they’re new flex board – this thing is epic. i have never ridden a flex board before so didnt really know what to expect. My reasons behind riding this was that seeing as flex boards have completely flat decks absent of channels and fins, i therefore would stay away from kickers and inverts (no heavy landings) which in turn will protect my knee till its stronger! So the board this thing is real fun, its had me perfecting rail tricks which to be honest on stiff boards are proper hard. ive been working on hardway 270’s to switch nose press, to all you non snowboarders thats a heelside backside 270 on to a rail landing in a nosepress. i know see how easy rail riding can bee on a flexboard and how all the guys have been pushing rail riding the last few years.

However dont get me wrong, i am using this board to protect my knee, my new board is a stiff board as i much prefer the overall ride and i will back on it as soon as possible!

I broke my knee brace the other day sheered of both the stoppers, all  i did was fell in head first of a rail guess the thing works as my knees still fin and the brace got fixed by Activ8 in about 10mins thanks dave!

finally be sure to check back to the news section of the website for some new info on my board coming this week!!

Peace out CHAMPS!


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