With the current issue in the UK that 60% of the riders have some sort of injury its not hard to imagine why everyone is so concerned about health?

Some of us have realized that when we get back on the water the fittest and strongest riders will benefit the quickest. I however should have learnt this a long time ago, my dad is what some might say a “fitness freak”. Being a pro cyclist in his youth but still competing at a high level now, he is incredibly fit and had pressured me for a long time to stay healthy and how it will improve my riding. The ability to push that last 10% could make all the difference in your final run you so want to stick! However i have tried and failed over the years in and out of the gym. I have been a member of 3 different gyms in the last few years but have never really made the most of any of them. So you cant blame me if i want to sort it out once and for all and Nows my chance!

When I hurt my Knee I told to myself I would keep training hard long after I recovered and was back on the water. However it didn’t happen exactly as planned. I managed to stay in the gym long enough to get it up to strength, but as soon as I could I was back on the water shredding my face off. Obviously the gym then took a back seat, don’t get me wrong I was in there every so often but mainly only to use the pool and or sauna and I think my riding is paying the price. I have been getting some problems with it and I don’t feel strong enough to push it that extra mile. Something needs to change.

So in the last month I have hooked up with two new companies to help keep me on the top.

Firstly is Esher Chiropractic Centre they are hooking me up with regular treatment to keep my back fit and strong! As wakeboarders our bodies get put through tremendous pressures, which causes a lot of aches and pains. This is something which i have learnt that stretching alone cannot fix. You need something else! After talking to them, i have realized there is a lot more to the source of my pains and working with them seems to be fixing it! I try to see them once a month or so and they does wonders with me. I guarantee that working with them helped me to regain my title last year at the nationals as without him it would have been too painful! If you choose to take my advice drop in the the practice, its a very welcoming team that will be more than happy to help and fix your pains.

The other is Lakeside Health and fitness, this is the new gym which has opened at Liquid leisure. Shannon runs the gym and convinced me to join the team. I look forward to working with them more. I had my first session with shannon today and it was one of the harder sessions i’ve had ever. He had me working on all parts of my legs and they felt like jelly when we were done, to be honest they still do! So if you are looking for a real work out why not check in and have a go, or if your around the area come and find me because i’ll be in the pushing my limits!

I hope I haven’t bored you too much but as a thankyou why not check this MK mini edit from a few weeks back!



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