Spring Jam

So Last saturday was spring jam. As you know if you have been reading my blog thus far, i still am not really ready for comps. But Spring jam is a cool event with loads of categories to ride in. They had obstacles only and seeing as i’ve literally only been hitting rails recently, it seemed like a nice test too see if i can still compete. Just incase i forgot over my time off  🙂 As it happens I was fine. Not everyone road in the obstacles jam but there were some good slashers out there, with a stand out performance from Cain Hamilton who unfortunately had a few stacks in the finals. Matty C and scotty Broome also had some good shreds in both the Jam and the final!! I decided to ride a brand new board in the comp, the new Jobe Guerilla which has a proper fast deck and had me slipping around out of control for the first 10mins. However after that i regained control it and had a good ride. I qualified 1st in the Jam which left me ready for the finals, In which I stuck everything including a 9 off the kicker which was potentially a bit risky on my somewhat bum knee. But it felt ok and i secured the win! A perfect result for my first comp since August! Lets hope the rest of the season goes as well! I just want to take a moment to thank Mark and the crew at wakeMK for a sick event!

Check out this shot that Lex Balladon took of me.


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