So as you may know i was invited to the opening of the first System 2.0 in Holland. This is at the Downunder cable park in uterecht and is sponsored by the one and only TEVA. The guys from Teva invited a few of us out there to do some demos and ride in a comp.

The riders consisted of myself, Dec Clifford, Freddie Carter, James Young and Teva’s own Matt Crowhurst from the UK, plus numerous riders form holland such as Sjors van der ker koff and Ricky Lukassen and many more. It ended up being a good group of shredders with a super high level going down.

The Teva blue line 2.0 was about 200m long with Unit features, a flat bar, spine kicker and double banked incline box. Personally this is all you need for an ultimate rail shred set! i loved cutting laps on this bad boy pressing on my Jobe  Guerilla flex.

It was a really good day and i ended up securing a 3rd place in the event!

I also got my hands on the Jobe CLICK prototype mark II but i will fill you in on that on another post 🙂

Theres a good video from the guys at Iwakeboard just click here and enjoy!


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