Sunday Shredathon


So Mid week a friend/Sponsor of mine (esherchiropractic) hit me up about a plan he had for a sunday ride. It was his birthday at the beginning of the week and as a wakeboard enthusiast, he had come to the conclusion that to get all the crew together the best bet was a wake shredathon.

The plan was to hit up both WakeMK and Boxend wakepark and also a new spot in that area Club Wake Park.

I met Lee debuse at JBski at approx. 9am for a spot of breakfast at the cafe. Slowly but surely everyone started arriving, maybe a bit late but all accounted for pluss a few extras! off we went with what ended up being a 6 car/van convoy.

First stop was Club wake park. This is a new spot opened at Grenden lakes. Its owned by a friend of our Toby Oliver, if i say so myself this site has the most potential of any two tower systems in the UK so far! It was so windy when we got to the lakes, but tucked away round the corner was a REEM little lake perfect size for a system 2.0. it was flat as anything and begging for a shred! So me and LDB strapped into our binders and opened up the shredathon. Luckily they had already built and positioned one rail, a perfect shape roof box. (i hear theres plenty more to come) we had a sweet slash about and made the most of the roof. After us everyone else was itching to ride too, Louis floyd and Freddie carter were up next followed by the rest of the crew! We had a few guys who were ready too start slaying up some inverts and what better place than a brand new 9meter high system 2.0. Me and Ldubbs donned our LDBwakeschool coaching hats and got to rayley training! Joe who conveniently was also the shredathon organizer, didnt waste any time and in about 20 mins was stomping rayleys left and right Literally!

At that we decided it was time to move on!


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