RedBull Harbour Reach

RedBull are one of the leading energy drink companies in the world. So when they approached me in january about doing an event with them, i was kind of excited!

This was the first time I’ve been in charge of organising an event, i mean everything from location and obstacles too choosing the riders! It was no easy task, but watching the whole thing evolve this year has been epic! Bellow is the official bulletin of the event. I ended up taking 5th so was a little gutted. i think if i hadn’t popped the handle on my final run chances are i would have made the podium! oh well it was sick and theres always the next event!


As the end of the day drew-in on 30th July, some of the world’s best wakeboarders dawned on the idyllic fishing town of Lyme Regis, hungry to walk away with the accolade of being crowned Red Bull Harbour Reach Champion 2011. Some 6,000 onlookers lined the shore to witness the first event of its kind in the world.

Twelve wakeboarders battled it out over two custom features inside the harbour walls, before turning for a second attempt to launch themselves over the 500 year old Grade One listed wall in search of the best trick in the air. Riders were required to hit the specially designed kicker at speeds in excess of 25 mph, clearing distances over 18 metres in length and the height of most masts in the harbour.

The harbour wall gave perfect glassy conditions for wakeboarding, whilst the other side of the wall, being open to the elements, presented a whole new challenge. With such awkward conditions at sea, a last minute change to the format had to happen to allow riders to get the most out of the amazing setting.

Qualifying Heat One was dominated by Johny Carne, who had a clean stand up pass, with a big hoochie over the wall, followed closely by brother Sam and Aussie Powerhouse Scotty Broome in third spot.

Qualifying Heat Two witnessed Dan Nott walk away with top spot in his first pass, pulling off an indy glide. CK, sitting in second spot after his first run, tried to step it up a notch and pull off a massive heel five, unfortunately dropping the handle mid-air. The final qualifying spot went to Louis Floyd with some steady riding throughout the qualifiers.

The top six from the first round went through to the final. Aussie rider Scotty Broome’s nerves got the better of him and he went down under, whilst Louis Floyd got a front edge off the canoe incline, leaving it all to play for. Johny Carne had a clean run in the first round, leaving it up to everyone else to step up their game if the wanted the win. In the second round CK went all out with one of the best rail hits on the step down boat, unfortunately he dropped the handle attempting a 450 off the canoe incline. WM Ski, Cirencester rider Sam Carne stomped the cleanest and biggest run, ticking all the judges boxes with stalefish glide over the wall, backboard front side 450 off the canoe incline, with younger brother Johny slid into second spot. Dan Nott secured third spot and the longest distance jump over the wall.

Final Results:

1st: Sam Carne

2nd: Johny Carne

3rd: Dan Nott

Longest Distance: Dan Nott

Best Trick: Johny Carne


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