Industry Insider 1.1


Over the last few years there has been a huge boom in cable riding and especially two tower systems. Industry Wakeparks are at the forefront of all this here in the UK.

The last two and a quarter years Tim Woodhead and James Hackney have been on a tireless mission to make wakeboarding more accessible to the general public and to bring the sport to the masses. Inner city wake parks have now been built in London, Manchester, Ireland and soon to be Liverpool. Junction 23 are huge believers in what Industry are doing and thought it was about time you guys could have a look in to the lives of the guys growing the sport day by day.

In this episode of Industry Insider we take you behind the scenes of the new wakepark in Manchester which is located at Salford Quays water-sports centre and we also head over toBlackpool wake park to break in their newly installed rails.


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