Laps 1.1: JB Ski


By now, I hope you all understand what we’re trying to do at Junction23 if not get your’e backside over to the site and find out for yourself. This is the 1st addition of a new chapter in the ever opening book that is J23, a little something known as LAPS. It will be a regular feature on our site with one of our talented riders taking his personell waterproof camera too the lake and filming a set with whoever he happens to be riding with. In this case it was Me with my lovely Contour +2 at JBSki accompanied by Louis Floyd and current IWWF world #2 Dec Clifford. Unfortunately it is still blooming freezing in the UK and the air temperature must have been soaring at a wonderful 3 degrees C!! (yeh I know stupid)

Anyway here is the outcome of our little stint round the stunt pond, Enjoy……


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