Junction23 Laps 1.2: Wakeup Docklands

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Welcome too the second instalment of Junction23’s Laps feature.

This time we were right in the heart of London at Wakeup Docklands, dont be fooled by the sun in the video it was bloody cold and it even snowed! For this episode of Laps myself, Scotty Broome and Toby Yeo invite you to watch and enjoy . . . .


Ambassadors 1.5: Scotty Broome


The final Ambassador to be introduced to the Junction 23 Ambassador series, goes by the name of Scotty Broome. Currently residing in the capital of the UK, he has brought his lax style and good vibes to sample some of what the UK has to offer.
Small print: Banging System 2 setups, friendly people, festival season, London canal systems, full suits, fish & chips, good surf and warm coffee on the boat in the mornings.

Join Scotty in his living room in London and find out a little bit more about this 6’3 Australian globe trotter.

Watch the video at Junction 23 To find out more


The summer is looking like it may be on its way finally, I have just left the lake and it looked really nice. The water temp was still a bit cold though!

Well I think now is the time to get too it, If you want some 1 to 1 coaching or group stuff, on the Full cable or the system 2.0 then give me a call and we can sort some things out……

Check out my poster for more info or my coaching page of this site in the tool bar above!

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Laps 1.1: JB Ski


By now, I hope you all understand what we’re trying to do at Junction23 if not get your’e backside over to the site and find out for yourself. This is the 1st addition of a new chapter in the ever opening book that is J23, a little something known as LAPS. It will be a regular feature on our site with one of our talented riders taking his personell waterproof camera too the lake and filming a set with whoever he happens to be riding with. In this case it was Me with my lovely Contour +2 at JBSki accompanied by Louis Floyd and current IWWF world #2 Dec Clifford. Unfortunately it is still blooming freezing in the UK and the air temperature must have been soaring at a wonderful 3 degrees C!! (yeh I know stupid)

Anyway here is the outcome of our little stint round the stunt pond, Enjoy……

Industry Insider 1.1


Over the last few years there has been a huge boom in cable riding and especially two tower systems. Industry Wakeparks are at the forefront of all this here in the UK.

The last two and a quarter years Tim Woodhead and James Hackney have been on a tireless mission to make wakeboarding more accessible to the general public and to bring the sport to the masses. Inner city wake parks have now been built in London, Manchester, Ireland and soon to be Liverpool. Junction 23 are huge believers in what Industry are doing and thought it was about time you guys could have a look in to the lives of the guys growing the sport day by day.

In this episode of Industry Insider we take you behind the scenes of the new wakepark in Manchester which is located at Salford Quays water-sports centre and we also head over toBlackpool wake park to break in their newly installed rails.

Brass Monkeys



Its been bloody cold this year, but most of the cables have stayed open all winter. One of those cables is Liquid Wakepark, which has its fair share of nut jobs who can’t get enough of riding. I decided enough was enough in early December and didn’t start up again till March but some people just couldn’t stop. Our friends at Hybrid Wake Mag managed to capture quite a lot of the madness and have named it all “Brass Monkeys”

Theres a couple of nice shots of me from early December check it out and enjoy!


The Switcheroo



So last week I met up with Hybrid Wake Mag to talk about the big change in my life! Basically if you havent heard already, i decided after 7 good years at Jobe Sports it was time for a change. This resulted in a move to Ultrasport EU and in to the caring arms of Obrien and Jetpilot. these are great brands and Im really happy to be working with them. I am currently hashing it out between riding the Baker or the Fremont, but i’ll come back to that next week!

For now Lets get back to Hybrid, they decided they wanted to document for you the whole thing, everything from signing my contract to collecting my new gear and my first rides plus a few bonus bits along the way! So here it is . . . . The Switcheroo!


Remember to keep your eyes peeled as there will be some bonus footage coming soon to Hybrid and here!

Junction 23

I can proudly say that I am one of the Junction 23 Ambassadors!

Im really stoked to be a part of such a cool thing, make sure you keep one eye open and pointing in the direction of Junction 23. As we will be shooting regularly at all the cable parks around England, trying to film unique lines for our edits!

Heres my Ambassadors video and remember there is one more to go, so check back soon……




As you all know there are now numerous different types of these little waterproof film cameras. I think they have changed the game, in the web edits side of the sport. Now you can shoot all day everyday for a relatively low budjet so you dont miss anything!

My weapon of choice is the Contour +2 its super Rad. Last summer myself and the rest of the UK Contour team got together with Wakepress at JBwaterski to shoot a little video…… I’m pumped with the outcome.

Check it out for yourself!

Click Here for more info on the Contour Cameras

Hybrid Wake


Im sure you already know about it, it’s been very popular news in the world of wake!

Here it is Hybrid Wake, the website is live, Click Here to see for yourself. Theres some great content on there already and the way I heard theres lots more to come! So get on over to Hybrid to find out more!

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open at your local lake for the first print issue of the magazine, I hear it’s going to be good!