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Family Creative wanted to create an action sports piece that looked at the surrounding environment of the athletes – unlike any other board sport we felt that Wakeboarding (cable) had an interesting contrast between the water and the land.

Solid shapes and parallel lines mixed with the flowing water of the lake – they started to look at how the water breaks apart any sort of geometric shot. The movement of the riders in contrast to the lines of the cable, so on and so forth. System 2 cable riding has revolutionized the sport, with an encouraging amount of growth all over the world and especially the UK – riders can get on the water in areas where they couldn’t with a boat.

They invited 3 riders that play a big part of the UK rail riding scene and have always been at the forefront of features riding on System 2 to get involved with our project. All based in the South, they hit up Matt Crowhurst who gathered his team mates from Ultra Sport Europe – CK Koester and Lee DeBuse. They think they did pretty damn well.

“Gotta love the action sport world for chance meetings and the joys of festival and beer based networking. Meeting Dave and Andi then our random big plans taking shape like this with a couple of my favorite riders and team mates onboard is pretty awesome!”

Riding by Matt Crowhurst, CK Koester, Lee Debuse

Music by Royal Blood – Out of the Black (We do not own the rights to this song, support the artist and go buy the track!)
Sound by Dan Yates (Cloudbreak Creative)

Filmed, Edited and Produced by
Aerial by Highline Media (Our lovely aerial partners!)



So as you can see if you follow my blog I haven’t posted in a while. This is intact a positive for me, I was posting a lot but just because I wasn’t riding a lot. Now my body is strong my knee’s feeling much better and I’m busier. Therefore I have neglected my blog and for his I apologise!
I will follow this post with a series of bulletins about whats been happening!

Spring Jam

So Last saturday was spring jam. As you know if you have been reading my blog thus far, i still am not really ready for comps. But Spring jam is a cool event with loads of categories to ride in. They had obstacles only and seeing as i’ve literally only been hitting rails recently, it seemed like a nice test too see if i can still compete. Just incase i forgot over my time off  🙂 As it happens I was fine. Not everyone road in the obstacles jam but there were some good slashers out there, with a stand out performance from Cain Hamilton who unfortunately had a few stacks in the finals. Matty C and scotty Broome also had some good shreds in both the Jam and the final!! I decided to ride a brand new board in the comp, the new Jobe Guerilla which has a proper fast deck and had me slipping around out of control for the first 10mins. However after that i regained control it and had a good ride. I qualified 1st in the Jam which left me ready for the finals, In which I stuck everything including a 9 off the kicker which was potentially a bit risky on my somewhat bum knee. But it felt ok and i secured the win! A perfect result for my first comp since August! Lets hope the rest of the season goes as well! I just want to take a moment to thank Mark and the crew at wakeMK for a sick event!

Check out this shot that Lex Balladon took of me.