J23 Episode #2 – Part 2: Clubwakepark


After riding Liverpool Monday morning there was no time to loose back in the car and straight back down the M1 towards London where one of the real hidden gems for British wakeboarders lie. Club Wake Park in Grendonshire. It’s always fun and it’s always flat.

Enjoy, we certainly did.


Side note: Get some mates together, map out a route and hit the road. We promise you won’t regret it!


J23 Episode #2 – Part 1: Liverpool

The Lads of Junction23 – CK Koester, Ollie Moore, Toby Yeo, James Hackney and honorary member for the week Lee Debuse all descended on Liverpool Wake Park on a cold Monday afternoon in November. A little behind schedule due to one late arrival and a bit of traffic on the M1, everyone was keen to get into their wetsuits (5:3′) and get a shred on.

Stay tuned for J23 Episode 2- Part 2: Club Wake Park where the fun continues and we meet up with old mate Scotty Broome….


J23 Episode #1 – Hannam’s

Screen Shot 2013-06-30 at 22.40.54


Mitch Langfield and Daniel Grant happened to be passing by through England in-between contests. The J23 boys CK Koester, Scotty Broome and Toby Yeo plus Freddie Carter, Taylor Dell and Terry Hannam all got together to session up Hannam’s wake hub which is just outside Cambridgeshire. We ate burgers, went snorkelling, drank coffee to stay warm, lost a go-pro, found a go-pro and had one hell of a fun time sessioning one of the best wake parks in the UK.

Laps 1.5: Hipnotics

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 15.32.26Photo: Lior Sofer


CK was lucky enough to get over to Hipnotics – a cable park in Turkey last week. He met up with Antoni van der wekken to do some riding and gather up some Vitamin D. This video is a simple reminder of what it’s all about. Riding, hanging out in the sun and having some fun. Buy a plane ticket and venture fourth, You won’t regret it…


Laps 1.4: Club Wake Park

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 19.08.06

Myself, Lee Debuse and Matt Crowhurst were invited up to Club Wake Park by Toby Oliver to try out their new quarter pipe and generally have a good old slash about the park. Obviously we jumped at the chance as not only have they got the quarter pipe but they probably have the most legit flat bar in the UK nice and skinny with a waist high ollie. Basically we couldn’t wait to get there and rode as much as we could, unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side so not too much footage but check out the edit and decide for yourself.




Ultrasport Demo Day Stop 3: Boxend

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 18.18.47

The 3rd Stop of the Ultrasport Demo Day tour took us up the M1 to Boxend Park. The crew at boxend welcomed Matty C, CK Koester, Lee Debuse, Jack Hamersley, Keiran Owens and Joey Battleday too their wonderful park!

We had all the 2013 OBrien and Liquid Force gear for demos and it was a great day for all! They were even unveiling their new Liquid Force step down rail for us!

Laps 1.3: France – TNS

One day last summer CK Koester and Scotty Broome found themselves on a dealer day for their sponsors which happened to land on the same day..They thought it was appropriate to grab the camera, cool off and take a few laps of round the cable in Toulouse, France.

Quayside in the Spring

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 09.33.16

A week or so ago Ollie from The Quayside wakeboard club asked if a few of us wanted to have a little ride on the System2.0 they have there. They had the first Britsih @.0 and its going strong, it was a typical Aprils day beautiful sun followed immediately by torrential rain. But non the less myself, Matt Crowhurst, Ollie Huntsman, Jack Hammersly, Adam May and Mark Molinaro prevailed and rode the weather. Contours and 7d’s made this video happen!

Heres a video that basically sums the day up enjoy…..

All Skate 1.1: Turkey

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 19.39.12

The first edition of our All Skate features at J23 is finally here. Ollie Moore our resident skater dude Ambassador not only holds down the fort on the wakeskating side of the crew but he also looks damn good doing it!

Welcome to All Skate 1.1

Ollie Moore recently just spent 3 weeks out in Turkey after having a knee clean up in December. He headed over there for some pre-season riding and to get back into the swing of things. You would have no idea that he has been off the water for 5 months watching this edit though. Also sporting a new deck from Southern Wakeskates. 2013 is heating up…..well in Turkey it is anyway.

Fresh faced James Harrington and some of the Swedish crew also rode for the cameras.