So as you may know i was invited to the opening of the first System 2.0 in Holland. This is at the Downunder cable park in uterecht and is sponsored by the one and only TEVA. The guys from Teva invited a few of us out there to do some demos and ride in a comp.

The riders consisted of myself, Dec Clifford, Freddie Carter, James Young and Teva’s own Matt Crowhurst from the UK, plus numerous riders form holland such as Sjors van der ker koff and Ricky Lukassen and many more. It ended up being a good group of shredders with a super high level going down.

The Teva blue line 2.0 was about 200m long with Unit features, a flat bar, spine kicker and double banked incline box. Personally this is all you need for an ultimate rail shred set! i loved cutting laps on this bad boy pressing on my Jobe  Guerilla flex.

It was a really good day and i ended up securing a 3rd place in the event!

I also got my hands on the Jobe CLICK prototype mark II but i will fill you in on that on another post 🙂

Theres a good video from the guys at Iwakeboard just click here and enjoy!


Spring Jam

So Last saturday was spring jam. As you know if you have been reading my blog thus far, i still am not really ready for comps. But Spring jam is a cool event with loads of categories to ride in. They had obstacles only and seeing as i’ve literally only been hitting rails recently, it seemed like a nice test too see if i can still compete. Just incase i forgot over my time off  🙂 As it happens I was fine. Not everyone road in the obstacles jam but there were some good slashers out there, with a stand out performance from Cain Hamilton who unfortunately had a few stacks in the finals. Matty C and scotty Broome also had some good shreds in both the Jam and the final!! I decided to ride a brand new board in the comp, the new Jobe Guerilla which has a proper fast deck and had me slipping around out of control for the first 10mins. However after that i regained control it and had a good ride. I qualified 1st in the Jam which left me ready for the finals, In which I stuck everything including a 9 off the kicker which was potentially a bit risky on my somewhat bum knee. But it felt ok and i secured the win! A perfect result for my first comp since August! Lets hope the rest of the season goes as well! I just want to take a moment to thank Mark and the crew at wakeMK for a sick event!

Check out this shot that Lex Balladon took of me.

Brighton WakePark

So as you may have noticed if you’re a social network fiend, me and LDB headed down to brighton last weekend. We were invited down to do some demos for they’re open day.

Incase you dont know Industry wakeparks who are the UK distributors of Sesitec 2.0 have been flooding the country with the easiest ride ever! System 2.0 is the future of wakeboarding, they have been popping up all round the world in the past few years. its a perfect ride it can be placed almost any where and can be a fixed structure or just temporary for an event. Keep an eye out on here for exciting 2.0 events this year.

Whilst we weren’t busy shredding of faces off we made sure we did keep ourselves busy! Wakeup brighton were nice enough to loan us some stand up paddle boards (SUPS) if you know the lingo like me and Ldubbs. So immediately we took these out to the sea to find some swell, unfortunately there wasn’t much so we just putted about. well i did but lee spent most of his time on his back!

So we weren’t solely doing demos we had also been hired to ride in they’re promo video that AMP media was shooting. This isn’t available to view right now, but i will post it as soon as i can!

In the mean time check out this shot!