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Family Creative wanted to create an action sports piece that looked at the surrounding environment of the athletes – unlike any other board sport we felt that Wakeboarding (cable) had an interesting contrast between the water and the land.

Solid shapes and parallel lines mixed with the flowing water of the lake – they started to look at how the water breaks apart any sort of geometric shot. The movement of the riders in contrast to the lines of the cable, so on and so forth. System 2 cable riding has revolutionized the sport, with an encouraging amount of growth all over the world and especially the UK – riders can get on the water in areas where they couldn’t with a boat.

They invited 3 riders that play a big part of the UK rail riding scene and have always been at the forefront of features riding on System 2 to get involved with our project. All based in the South, they hit up Matt Crowhurst who gathered his team mates from Ultra Sport Europe – CK Koester and Lee DeBuse. They think they did pretty damn well.

“Gotta love the action sport world for chance meetings and the joys of festival and beer based networking. Meeting Dave and Andi then our random big plans taking shape like this with a couple of my favorite riders and team mates onboard is pretty awesome!”

Riding by Matt Crowhurst, CK Koester, Lee Debuse

Music by Royal Blood – Out of the Black (We do not own the rights to this song, support the artist and go buy the track!)
Sound by Dan Yates (Cloudbreak Creative)

Filmed, Edited and Produced by
Aerial by Highline Media (Our lovely aerial partners!)


Brass Monkeys



Its been bloody cold this year, but most of the cables have stayed open all winter. One of those cables is Liquid Wakepark, which has its fair share of nut jobs who can’t get enough of riding. I decided enough was enough in early December and didn’t start up again till March but some people just couldn’t stop. Our friends at Hybrid Wake Mag managed to capture quite a lot of the madness and have named it all “Brass Monkeys”

Theres a couple of nice shots of me from early December check it out and enjoy!

The Switcheroo



So last week I met up with Hybrid Wake Mag to talk about the big change in my life! Basically if you havent heard already, i decided after 7 good years at Jobe Sports it was time for a change. This resulted in a move to Ultrasport EU and in to the caring arms of Obrien and Jetpilot. these are great brands and Im really happy to be working with them. I am currently hashing it out between riding the Baker or the Fremont, but i’ll come back to that next week!

For now Lets get back to Hybrid, they decided they wanted to document for you the whole thing, everything from signing my contract to collecting my new gear and my first rides plus a few bonus bits along the way! So here it is . . . . The Switcheroo!

Remember to keep your eyes peeled as there will be some bonus footage coming soon to Hybrid and here!



As you all know there are now numerous different types of these little waterproof film cameras. I think they have changed the game, in the web edits side of the sport. Now you can shoot all day everyday for a relatively low budjet so you dont miss anything!

My weapon of choice is the Contour +2 its super Rad. Last summer myself and the rest of the UK Contour team got together with Wakepress at JBwaterski to shoot a little video…… I’m pumped with the outcome.

Check it out for yourself!

Click Here for more info on the Contour Cameras

Wake the Line


I rode in wake the line way back, I think it was the 2nd one and it was one of the best events i’ve ever been in. However the years past since then i’ve never even made to a Qualifier, due to injury and other commitments. This year I plan to get over to one of the wake the line Qualifiers, it’ll probably be the one in Langenfield in Germany seeing as its super close! Im excited!

Doing it in Davao

After spending a few weeks coaching the British cable Wakeboard team at the IWWF Worlds in the Philippines, I decided to take some R&R way down in the south at lovely little cable in Davao.
Spent a few days riding and surfing, managed to shoot one afternoon and put together this little edit!


So as you can see if you follow my blog I haven’t posted in a while. This is intact a positive for me, I was posting a lot but just because I wasn’t riding a lot. Now my body is strong my knee’s feeling much better and I’m busier. Therefore I have neglected my blog and for his I apologise!
I will follow this post with a series of bulletins about whats been happening!


So as you may know i was invited to the opening of the first System 2.0 in Holland. This is at the Downunder cable park in uterecht and is sponsored by the one and only TEVA. The guys from Teva invited a few of us out there to do some demos and ride in a comp.

The riders consisted of myself, Dec Clifford, Freddie Carter, James Young and Teva’s own Matt Crowhurst from the UK, plus numerous riders form holland such as Sjors van der ker koff and Ricky Lukassen and many more. It ended up being a good group of shredders with a super high level going down.

The Teva blue line 2.0 was about 200m long with Unit features, a flat bar, spine kicker and double banked incline box. Personally this is all you need for an ultimate rail shred set! i loved cutting laps on this bad boy pressing on my Jobe  Guerilla flex.

It was a really good day and i ended up securing a 3rd place in the event!

I also got my hands on the Jobe CLICK prototype mark II but i will fill you in on that on another post 🙂

Theres a good video from the guys at Iwakeboard just click here and enjoy!