Industry Wakeparks

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If you haven’t heard of them already, where have you been for the past few years? They have set up nearly every System 2.0 in the UK, and build they’re own obstacles. Go check them out at Industry Wakeparks now.

Tim and the crew have also built and run the Rococco Rail Jam tour, which is more recently known as the wakestock pool gap WWA rail Europeans. The last two years they built and ran the unique Red Bull Harbour Reach, which was a huge success!

I had a chat with Tim Woodhead today, and I’m so excited for what they have planned for us this year! make sure to keep an eye out on here, and I will keep you updated as soon as I know!

Check out this amazing web edit by Tim Foster filmed at Wakestock last year.

Wake the Line


I rode in wake the line way back, I think it was the 2nd one and it was one of the best events i’ve ever been in. However the years past since then i’ve never even made to a Qualifier, due to injury and other commitments. This year I plan to get over to one of the wake the line Qualifiers, it’ll probably be the one in Langenfield in Germany seeing as its super close! Im excited!

Doing it in Davao

After spending a few weeks coaching the British cable Wakeboard team at the IWWF Worlds in the Philippines, I decided to take some R&R way down in the south at lovely little cable in Davao.
Spent a few days riding and surfing, managed to shoot one afternoon and put together this little edit!


So as you can see if you follow my blog I haven’t posted in a while. This is intact a positive for me, I was posting a lot but just because I wasn’t riding a lot. Now my body is strong my knee’s feeling much better and I’m busier. Therefore I have neglected my blog and for his I apologise!
I will follow this post with a series of bulletins about whats been happening!